International Conference on Electronic Materials
and Applications 2022

(ICEMA 2022)

September 16-17, 2022

(Supported by DST-SERB, CSIR, Govt of India)

Keynote Speaker

Dr. S. N. Jha

Scientific Officer H, Raja Ramanna Centre For Advanced Technology (RRCAT), Indore, India

Topic: Synchrotron Radiation Sources a Powerful Tool for Research & Technology

Invited Speakers

Dr Rajeev Ranjan

Professor, Department of Materials Engineering Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Topic: Piezoelectricity: Current Research Trend

Dr. R. J. Choudhary

Scientist-G, UGC-DAE-CSR Indore, India

Topic: Tuning the electronic and magnetic properties of functional magnetic oxide System via Strain

Dr. Chandra Shekhar

Senior Group leader

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany

Topic: Topology in Materials

Prof. Naveen Kumar Nishchal

Department of Physics, IIT Patna, India

Topic: Opto-electronic Asymmetric Cryptosystem

Dr Louisa Reisseg

Institute of Experimental Physics

Freie University, Berlin, Germany

Topic: Borrowing Nature’s Material and Strategies in the Design of Future Photodetectors

Mr. Mrigesh Parashar

Founder & Chief Product Officer, Trillbit, Boston, USA

Topic: Future of Internet of things : The Good, the Bad and beyond imagination

Prof. Jawar Singh

Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Patna, India

Topic: : Neuromorphic Computing : Devices and Circuites

Dr Rajib Nath

Department of Physics, SKB University, West Bengal, India

Topic: Fabrication and Mesaurement of Functional Meterial based Electronic Devices

Prof. Ziyauddin Khan

Principal Research Engineer Department of Science And Technology (ITN), Linkoping University, Sweden

Topic: Sustainable Batteries

Dr. G. Kale

School of Chemical and Process Engineering, Leeds University, UK

Topic: Alginate Mediates Environmentally Sustainable Green Process for the Preparation of Functional Ceramic Nano-Powder

Dr. Tanu Preet Singh

Chief Technical Officer, Mycondolink Inc Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Topic: To be announced

Prof. D. Mohan

Former Head, Dept of Civil Engg, IIT, BHU Varanasi, India

Topic: Arsenic Removal from Water Employing Nano-particles Produced Through an Environment–Friendly Approach

Plenary Speaker : Dr. Arun Kumar

Prof and Head (retd), Department of Electronics & Physics, A N College Patna, India

Topic: Science and Technology as a Vector of Social Change-Paradigm Shift


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