The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It provides an opportunity for the student youth to take part in various government led community service activities & programmes. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands-on experience to young students in delivering community service.


The motto of the National Service Scheme is NOT ME BUT YOU

Benefits of Being an NSS Volunteer:

An NSS volunteer who takes part in the community service programme would either be a college-level or a senior secondary level student. Being an active members, these student volunteers would have the exposure and experience to be the following:

  • an accomplished social leader
  • an efficient administrator
  • a person who understands human nature

Programme Officers

  1. Dr. Ratna Amrit
  2. Dr. Abhishek Dutta

01.07.2017: The Blood Donation Camp

The camp was held in collaboration with Rotary Club (Chanakya ).It was inaugurated by Prof. S.P Shahi, Principal, A.N. College.

Prof. Kalanath Mishra, Dr. Ratna Amrit, and Dr Sanjay kr. Singh were present on the occasion.

The N.S.S. volunteers and students of this college donated blood

11.07.2017: The World Population Day

Organised panel discussion in collaboration with Policy Makers Forum for Healthy.

The topic of the discussion: Sexual & Reproductive Health with a focus on Family Planning

It was inaugurated by Prof. S.P Shahi, Principal, A.N. College. Shri Shivanand Tiwari, ex-M.P. graced the occasion.

Panelists: Sister Sudha Venghese and Dr.Ratna Amrit.

15.07.2017: The National Workshop for Domestic Violence, Social Norms and Role of Media

Organised by OXMOS at Hotel Patliputra Ashok. The function was inaugurated by Sri Vijay Chaudhary (Speaker, Bihar Vidhan Sabha). Dr. Sujeet kumar Dubey, Programme officer, Boys wing, along with five boys and five girls volunteers participated in the workshop.

17.07.2017: The Meeting of N.S.S. Volunteers

Organised for N.S.S. Volunteers for different issues relating to N.S.S. Students shared their views and experiences visited Shahjahanpur, U.P.

Certificates were distributed to those who donated the blood. Volunteers gave suggestions on various issues.

03.08.2017: The Psychological Awareness of Old Age Care

Organised academic exhibition and interaction programme on "Psychological Awareness on Old Age Care" in collaboration of Department with Department of Psychology.

The Director of the short film, Mr. Sourav Sarkar was present and spoke about the film.

The function was inaugurated by Professor Vijyalaxmi, Department of Psychology.

08.09.2017: The Gender Sensitisation Programme:

Bhumika Vihar Patna- an NGO working in the field of Gender sensitisation organised a meeting in collaboration with NSS.

Chanakya National Law University, Patna. Programme officers of A. N. College, Dr Ratna Amrit and Dr Sujit kumar Dubey along with fifteen NSS Volunteers of the College attended the pre-meeting on Gender Sensitisation.

11.09.2017: Aptitude Test Conducted By N.S.S. Unit Along With \'Inquizzitive Minds\'

Inquisitive Minds (a part of C L Edncate Ltd.) along with NSS wing of A.N. College conducted an aptitude test in the Conference Hall of Administrative Block.

22.09.2017:Meeting of NSS Volunteers

In Orientation mat for new members of NSS.

The members spoke about NSS.

The Programme Officers addressed the NSS Volunteers.

The Participants of the Gender sensitization workshop shared their experience.

04.10.2017 Pledge for Equality

It was signed by the students, that each one of them can be a gender speaker within their own spheres of influence & commit to take action to promote gender equality.

Approximately 168 students signed the "Pledge for Equality"

05.10.2017- Formal Opening of Gender Cell

A meeting of Gender Youth speakers along with the Programme Officers was held in the Conference Room of Administrative Block. The Director Advocacy In-charge of Bhoomika Vihar ground the community.

15.10.2017- Functioning Of Gender Cell & Signature Campaign Agaist Gender Violence

Venue: Library Hall Time: 11:00 AM

Chief Guest:- Shri Brajesh Mehrotra (Principal Secy to the Govt.)

Presided over by:- Prof. Qamar Ahsan (Vice-Chancellor, M.U.)

31.10.2017 Run For Unity.

Venue:- Gov. House Round About

Run for Unity was organized by the Distt. Administration on the eve of Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel.

NSS Volunteers along with the Programme Officers were present. They Marched from the Gov. House Round about to Eco Park.

02.11.2017 :NSS in collaboration with NTPC Organized an Elocution Contest on the Topic

My Vision Corruption free India (मेरा लक्ष्य भ्रष्टाचार मुक्त भारत )

There were 16 (Sixteen) Participants.

11.11.2017 :Meeting with Bhoomika Vihar & Payment of Gender Volunteers.

07.12.2017 :Blood Donation Camp with HDFC Bank. (Jayaprabha Blood Bank)

14.12.2017: Elocution Competition:

TOPIC:- Bittea Protection, Gueatea Productivity.

In collaboration with NTPC Ltd.

03.01.2018: The Inauguration Of Special Camp, NSS

Theme: Gender Equality

Place:- The Library Hall

Chief Guest- Prof. R.P. Srivastava

Guests - Regional Director Shri Deepak Kumar

Prof. Srivastava, one of the persons who had helped in launching NSS in Colleges in Bihar.

He shared his experiences.

04.01.2018: Special Camp: Sanitation And Cleanleness Drive In The Slum

Livo dust bins were donated by NSS in the slum.

The Programme Officers, NSS Volunteers and the slum dwellers cleaned the area.

Bleaching powder was also provided to the residents.

05.01.2018:Awareness of Gender Equality:

Shri Ashish Singh of NGO 'Bhoomika Vihar' Awarded the residents of the slum with the concept of Gender Equality. The children of the slum were also present.

06.01.2018: Save Electricity

The electricity connection were checked. For this LED bulbs were distributed to every household.

06.01.2018: Save Electricity

07.01.2018: Nukkad Natak & Personality Development Tips

A 'Nukkad Natak' was staged by the NSS volunteers on the theme Gender Equality. The Residents of the slum were quite enthused by it. The students also taught the children basics in Mathematics, English & Hindi.

Sh. Amrendra Kr. (Motivational Speaker) addressed the NSS Volunteers and told them about Personality Development.

08.01.2018: Immunization Programme with Indradhanush Mission' in the age group

0-2 yrs and pregnant women.

09.01.2018: Visit To 'Tarumitra'

The Programme Officers and NSS Volunteers visited "Tarumitra' in Ashiana-Digha Road. It was an exposure to the students on environmental protection. The Director, father Rubert Athlique and a volutigeer of the NGO - Devopriya addressed the NSS volunteers.

12.01.2018:Painting Competition Organized by Bihar State AIDS Control Society (BSACS) in Eco Park.

NSS Volunteers of A.N. College won the first position..

12.01.2018: Human Chain Against Dowry & Child Marriage

The Bihar Govt. had organized a human chain to spread awareness against Dowry & Child Marriage under the leadership of the NSS volunteers the students of A.N. College were a part of the chain in Bailey Road.

03.02.2018: Painting Competition on the Theme: Gender Equality in Collaboration With Bhoomika Vihar.

Prizes were given to the 1st,2nd and third position holders.

25.02.2018: Global Youth Conclave was held in Hotel Chanakya by Bhoomika Vihar (NGO). Students/Volunteers of NSS from CNLU, Patna, A.N. College, Patna(NSS Volunteers) and Sri Arvind Mahila College were present.

There was panel discussion on Gender Equality related Topics.

Dr. Ratna Amrit P.O, NSS, A.N. College was a panelist in the discussion on Gender and Education.

22.05.2018: NSS Unit of A.N. College in Collaboration With Bhoomika Vihar Organized a Gender talk on the 25 May, 2018 in Conference Hall, A.N. College.

Prizes were distributed for the Painting Competition.

Certificates were given to student volunteers of NSS who attended the special camp from 1" to 9th of January, 2018

Prizes were given to the best three volunteers of special camp.

This function was held in Conference and Hall and was attended by the Principal, A.N. College, Prof. S.P. Shahi, Bursar Prof. Ajay Kumar, Programme officers Ratna Amrit & Sujeet Dubey, Ashish Singh & Shilpi Singh of Bhoomika Vihar.

05.06.2018: World Environment Day

Plantation Programme was organized by NSS coordinator PPU at Karbighaiya Sub-Power Station.

A.N. College Volunteers participated- 25 volunteers were present along with the Programme Officers.

The Plantation Programme was attended by Hon'ble V.C. PPU, Hon'ble V.C. Purneal University, M D. North Bihar Power Holding Corp. and employees of Karbighaiya Power sub station.

The Power sub-station is manned by women. It is the only power sub-station manned by on women employees.

The NSS Volunteers of other colleges were also present. They planted trees in the campus.

21.06.2018 :International Yoga Day

Shri Nishan was invited to address the students and he presented on benefits of Yoga. He also demonstrated some "ASANAS" which were done by those present.

The event was inaugurated by the Principal, Prof. S.P. Shahi. Those present on the occasion were Coordinator NSS, PPU, Dr. Ratna Amrit, Prof. Kalanath Mishra, Prof. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Sujeet Kumar Dubey, Programme Officers, NSS Volunteers & Students.

11.07.2018: Rally for Awareness of World Population Day

Rally started from B.I.T, IGIMS and back to B.I.T; Chief Guest was Prof. Rasbihari Singh, V.C Patna University. Others who were present were Regional Director NSS, Mr Deepak Kumar and SP Traffic, Shri P.N Mishra

15.07.18: Painting competition at Youth Hostel

Organised by BSACS and Lions Club

16.07.18: Painting competition & Blood Donation Camp

Organised by AIDS Society (B&ACS) & Lions International. 10 NSS volunteers participated and were awarde certificates

02.08.2018: Plantation Programme

10 NSS volunteers participated.

12.08.2018: International Youth Day

Organized by Bihar AIDS Control Society in Planetarium. 10 NSS volunteers participated

12.08.2018: International Youth Day

Held in Conference Hall, Administrative Block, AN College

24.09.2018: Interaction of Deputy Chief Minister, Shri. Sushil Kr Modi

with NSS volunteers

28.09.18: Meeting of NSS volunteers to discuss

a) Annual Sports Meet of PPU

b) Free Eye Check to be done on 01.10.18

c) Cleanliness Drive for 03.10.18 and 04.10.18

01.10.2018: Free Eye and Teeth Check Up

The camp was organised in College Campus. The programme was inaugurated by the Principal, Prof. S.P Shahi who spoke on the damaging effects of laptops, smartphones on the human eye. Programme Officer, DrRatna Amrit spoke on the necessity of regular check ups.

05.10.2018: Blood Donation Camp

Organised by NSS in collaboration with HDFC Bank. 45 volunteers included teachers and students who donated blood

27.10.2018: Programme on Good Touch and Bad Touch

Organized by NSS in collaboration with Bhumika Vihar. The programme was presided by Gender Specialist, Ashish Kumar and PPU NSS Nodal Officer, Dr. Ratna Amrit

31.10.2018: Run For Unity

Venue: Governor's House Roundabout. It was organized by the District Administration on the eve of the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel. NSS volunteers participated along with NSS Programme Officers.

01.11.2018: Speech Competition on Corruption

Organized by N.S.S. in collaboration with N.T.P.C. Sri A.K Tiwari, AG NTPC was the Chief Guest. The Principal, Prof. S.P Shahi spoke of corruption as 'desh droh'. NSS programme officers Dr. Ratna Amrit and Sujeet Kumar Dubey were present. 38 Students took part in the competition. Judges were: Dr. Anuradha Sen, Dr. Nupur Bose and Prof. Sanjay Singh.

Winners; 1st Rishikesh Ranjan (Pol. Science)

2nd Ashutosh Dutt (English)

3rd Aanchal Sinha ( Intermediate)

18.01.2019 to 24.01.19: National Integration Camp

The camp was attended by Programme Officer, Dr. Sujeet Kumar and NSS volunteer, Pratishk Shubham at B.H.U in Varanasi

05.06.2019: International Environment Day

20 NSS Volunteers along with Programme Officers went to Gandhi Ghat, Collecteriate, Patna to participate in the Plantation Drive

Chief Guest was Smt. Sita Sahu, Mayor, Patna

18.06.19: Foundation Day, A. N College

Chief Guest: Governor Shri Lalji Tpandon

Attended by Programme Officers, Dr. Ratna Amrit and Dr. Sujeet Kr Dubey.

NSS were allotted different duties.

21.06.19: International Yoga Day

Organized by Dept. of Health, Sports Complex, Kankarbagh, Patna,Govt. of Bihar

15.09.19: Workshop on Freedom of Expression and Threat to Media

Organised by Oxfam. Chief Guest: Shri Vijay Kumar Chaudhary 15 NSS volunteers participated. Programme was attended by Principal, Prof. S. P Shahi, Programme Officers Dr. Ratna Amrit and Dr. Sujeet Dubey

19.07.19: Plantation Day

Plantation drive was organised by NSS and Lions Club, Patna in the college campus.

02.09.19: International Youth Day

Organised by BSACS, 15 NSS Volunteers went to the office of Bihar State Aids Control Society. Speech, Painting and Quiz competition were held. A.N. College secured the 3rd position in Quiz competition.

06.09.19: Blood donation Camp.

Venue: A.N. College, Patna

It was organized in association with Lions Club of Patna, Vishal and Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Phulwari Sharif. 72 units of blood were donated by students and teachers.

15.09.19: Workshop on Freedom of Expression and Threat To Media

Organised by Oxfam

Chief Guest: Vijay Kr. Choudhary, Speaker Bihar Vidhan Sabha

02.10.19-03.10.19: Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Samaroh

Organised by Dept. of HRD, Govt. of Bihar

Venue - Bapu Sabhagar, Gandhi Maidan.

Chief Guest: Sri Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

54 NSS volunteers participated along with Programme officers, Dr. Ratna Amrit and Dr. Sujeet Kr Dubey

22.10.19: Speech Competition

Organised in collaboration with NTPC

Venue: Library Hall, A.N. College coordinated by Programme Officer, Dr. Ratna Amrit.

Topic:"integrity- A Way of Life"

Judges: Shipli Singh from NTPC, Dr. Anuradha Sen (Dept. of English) and Dr. Nupur Bose (Dept. of Geography)

The recipients of the Prizes:

1st-Raj Kumar Mishra, B.Ed.


NSS Volunteers helped the district administration in maintaining social distancing in various Gramin Banks. The volunteers also made the consumers aware of Covid appropriate behaviour. They were accompanied by N.S.S. Coordinator Dr. Ratna Amrit.


On the occasion of Earth Day, a meeting was organized on the Zoom app by the National Service Scheme Unit of AN College in which all the volunteers actively participated and during that meeting, all Volunteers took an oath to save the environment and plant trees.


NSS volunteers under the leadership of Dr.Ratna Amrit, NSS Coordinator cum Nodal officer of Patna District helped the District Administration in coordinating arrangements in Danapur Railway Station for migrant workers coming to Bihar from Gujrat. They were helped to reach the buses related to their corresponding district. Dr. Sujeet Kumar Dubey, NSS Programme Officer of A.N. College, and Dr. Sridhar of BIT Patna were also present with NSS volunteers.


International Yoga Day was celebrated online. NSS volunteers participated in the "Yoga Abhayas" and also made posters related to Yoga.


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, NSS volunteers participated in Fit India plog run.


On the occasion of National Youth Day, a speech competition was organized in J.D. Women's College. Volunteers of National Service Scheme from AN College also participated in this competition.


NSS volunteers participated enthusiastically on Republic Day.


Volunteers of the National Service Scheme who had gone to Danapur Railway Station and Gramin Banks to help District Administration during the lockdown Period were given Corona Warrior Award by Shri Sanjay Kumar,ACS ,Dept of Education, Govt. of Bihar in the college for helping district administration.


On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, a quiz competition was organized by the Department of Environmental Sciences and N.S.S. wing of A.N.College with the aim of making students aware of the protection of wildlife and endangered species around the world. In this quiz, college students Kumar Jainendra, Aman Kumar, and Khushboo Kumari got the first position, Kishan Kumar Gupta and Saksham Singha got the second position, and Nikita Kumari got the third position.


On the occasion of International Women's Day, a painting and speech competition was organized by the Bihar State AIDS Control Society. Volunteers of the National Service Scheme from A.N.College also participated in it. All the volunteers who participated were awarded certificates


Bihar State AIDS Control Society organized STATE LEVEL ToT OF PEER EDUCATORS & RRC NODAL OFFICER ON SEHAT KENDRA. The National Service Scheme volunteers Babin Kumar and Neha Singh represented A.N. College.


Poster making competition was organized by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan in which volunteers of the National Service Scheme from A.N.College participated enthusiastically.

22" - 23rd June 2021: Vaccination Drive in the College.

Two Day special Vaccination camp for the teachers and Non-teaching staff of the college and their family members was organized by the National Service Scheme and Health Department in Shatabdi Bhawan, A.N.College.

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