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National cadet Corps is an Indian Military cadet corps and is the largest unformed youth organization in the world. NCC is an organisation where young college students can join. Its motto is “Unity and Discipline”. The aim of the NCC is to inculcate the values of unity, team spirit, discipline, turning them into dynamic youths for tomorrow and giving them a first-hand idea of defence life. Above all it gives cadets an opportunity to part of military force. It provides an excellent opportunity for the students to improve their spirit of exploration by providing basic military training in arms and parade.

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Eligibility & Registration

  • All students who expect to graduate from the college by the end of the academic year and are seeking employment may register for campus placements with this office.
  • Campus placement is a facility provided for the students of A. N. College, Patna. Registration is not compulsory at all. Students not interested in placements are requested not to register for placement cell facilitate requirement process. Only registered students Backlogs are advised not to register for placement. Such students are advised to improve and register after clearing the backlogs.
  • Students will be de-registered form the placement cell if they are involved in any indisciplinary activities in any stage of the campus requirement
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The objective of the Cell:

  • To accomodate and encourage more students to accrue advantages of this cell.
  • To furnish information about employee oppurtunities.
  • To facilate Internet facilities to large number of students seeking career planning and information regarding job prospects.
  • Campus recruitment Training Programme for the students.
  • Personality Development
  • Resume preparation and Interview etiquette
  • Counselling of students to explore career prospects, pursuing of higher education in Corporate sectors.
  • Connecting employeer with job seekers.
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